Our Foundation Stage Team work really hard to provide a brilliant learning offer to all children in FS1 (nursery) and FS2 (reception). 

The Foundation Stage children have access to a vast range of resources and outdoor provision, including a community garden & trim trail!

Morning sessions are offered in the first instance for pupils joining us in September and January, with afternoon and flexi sessions considered upon request.

If morning sessions have been filled by September and January pupil intakes then afternoon sessions may be offered in the first instance to those pupils joining us in April, with morning and flexi sessions considered upon request. Parents and carers of pupils who joined us in September and January may be offered the opportunity for their child to attend an afternoon session during the summer term. 

We are always happy to consider and accommodate children based on the requirements of parents & carers, if practical to do so, so please just ask! 

We have 15 hour funded places available for 3 & 4 years olds and also offer 30 hour funded places for those parents and carers who are eligible.

Additional sessions can be arranged if required and are charged at the following rates:

Lunch time sessions                                  £2.50 

Additional sessions

(if not eligible for 30 hours funding)     £12.50 

For more information regarding charges please read our Charging Policy.

For more information regarding nursery admissions please read our Nursery Admissions Policy.

Please contact the school office on 01482 328661 or email admin@buckingham.hull.sch.uk for more information or to arrange the completion of a Foundation Stage One (nursery) admission pack.

Coming Soon 

We're really excited to share with you that our nursery will be undergoing a fabulous refurbishment both indoor and outdoor! 

We have lots of ideas in the pipeline and are working with a local company to ensure the outside area undergoes a full makeover.

It's goodbye to the old and worn mulch surfacing and hello to a fresh green space! 

We're looking forward to seeing this develop and can't wait to offer our nursery pupils an outstanding outdoor space- we even have wellies and overcoats on order so that children can enjoy the great outdoors come rain or shine. 

We can't wait to share progress updates with you!