School Meals


At Buckingham Primary Academy our school meals are charged at a cost of 50p per meal.

There are many benefits to your child having a hot school dinner, theses include;

  • school meals offer a daily selection of freshly cooked main meals and desserts, fresh fruit or yoghurt and salads
  • all meals are nutritionally balanced over the course of one week. Menus are produced in consultation with qualified dieticians and are served by helpful and understanding catering staff
  • children can sit down and enjoy their meal while at the same time developing those social skills of eating together that are so important in later life
  • a well-fed and happy child is more likely to be receptive to participating in the afternoon’s  activities
  • each meal aims to provide 35 per cent of all essential nutritional requirements that will assist your child in leading a bright and healthy lifestyle
  • someone else prepares and cooks lunch for your child, which saves you worrying about a packed meal every day


Free School Meals

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