First and foremost, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. We are extremely grateful for the way our school community has responded to recent events and are now able to share with you details of the FSM vouchers which many of you have inquired about. 


It is anticipated that parents and carers of pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) will receive an email on Monday 20th April from a company called Edenred in order to access your FSM voucher account. 

As a school we have used an active email address linked to either your child's Class Dojo and/ or ParentPay account to set up your FSM voucher account.

As this is a new system used by 1000's of schools across the country please allow at least 2 working days to receive your email. 

If you have not received your email by Wednesday 22nd April please check your spam/ junk inbox in the first instance and then use the Contact Us form to notify the school. This form collects your name, your email address, contact telephone number and allows you space to type what your query is regarding and a message. 

As the School Office Team are currently working from home this will allow them time to work their way through any queries or issues and will allow the limited number of staff working in school to focus on teaching and learning. 


Please note:

If you have not previously registered on Class Dojo or ParentPay then you will have been contacted by the school to provide an email address.

For those parents who were contacted but don't have access to an email address or did not return our call to confirm an email address, you will receive your FSM voucher through the post. Please allow 5 working days to receive your vouchers (the vouchers will be tracked to ensure they reach the correct address). 


FSM vouchers will not be backdated prior to 20/04/20 as the school have had alternative meal provision in place which some parents opted to access and others chose not to. 


In the first instance, vouchers have been processed to cover a 4 week period from week commencing 20/04/20 to week commencing 11/05/20 and vouchers will be issued in the following amounts:

Families including 1 eligible pupil will receive £60.00 (based on £15.00 per week for 4 weeks)

Families including 2 eligible pupils will receive £120.00 (based on £15.00 per child, per week, for 4 weeks)

Families including 3 eligible pupils will receive £180.00 (based on £15.00 per child, per week, for 4 weeks)


Parents and carers who receive their voucher electronically will be able to download an eGift card for a retailer of their choosing from either, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose or M&S Food.


Parents and carers who receive their voucher through the post will receive a voucher to spend in Asda as this is the voucher which we feel would be most beneficial. This is because parents and carers have the option to spend an Asda voucher in store or online, whereas all other providers only allow the vouchers to be spent in store except for Waitrose, which we don't have in our local area. 


Please note: If you think we may have used an incorrect or unused email address linked to your child's Class Dojo and/ or ParentPay account please notify us through the Contact Us page. Please bear in mind we cannot make any changes to the email address until Edenred release the vouchers and we can then cancel them and reissue to the correct email address. 


We hope you find the above information useful and would like to say once again, thank you for your patience and understanding.