At Buckingham Primary Academy, we believe that it is vital for all our pupils to learn about Physical Education, so that they can understand how to develop their health, fitness and understanding of the body. Our aim is, ‘to instil a love of lifelong learning in our children and prepare them for the life beyond our school gates’, we feel Physical Education has an integral role to play in helping us to fulfil this statement. We are constantly working hard to provide high quality lessons and extra-curricular activities which are accessible to all children in the school. We encourage our pupils to ask questions about Sport and Physical Education and to reflect on their own development and choice of activity inside and outside of school. This is reflected in our 3D curriculum, allowing horizontal and vertical links with previous year groups and previous activities taught. Our PE curriculum provides pupils with the opportunities to compete in sport and other activities to build character and to help embed values such as fairness and respect. Through our curriculum, pupils develop the declarative knowledge – the subject specific vocabulary concerning movement, rules, tactics, strategies, health and participation, and their procedural knowledge- knowing how to apply their declarative knowledge and demonstrating their understanding. Our PE curriculum focuses on activities which occur throughout year groups to allow our pupils to progress through the sport, giving them time to deepen their learning and to enable children to develop their competence and confidence in specific sporting activities.


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