My Child at School (MCAS) is a Website and App which enables parents and carers to:

  • Monitor your child's attendance
  • Pay for school meals and other payment items
  • Update contact details 

How do I register?
Please follow the instructions on the registration email. The registration process has been designed to be as quick and simple as possible- don’t worry if you run into any difficulties, please contact the school office and a member of the team will be happy to help.
Once you have registered by clicking the link on the invitation email, you will then be able to download the My Child At School MCAS app and log into this with the school ID followed by your username and password. The school ID is 12527.

What if I don’t receive an email inviting me to register for an MCAS App Account?
If you are a priority 1 parent and do not receive an invite, then your email address may be missing or out of date on our system. Please contact the school office.

Dinner Money
Credit balances are displayed in green.
Debit balances are displayed in red and are shown as a minus figure.

Outstanding Payments
This will display payment items for both dinners (if you have a debit balance on your account) and other payment items such as FS1 fees and charitable donations. 

Free School Meals and Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM)
If your child is entitled to free school meals, please do not pay any money on MCAS.
If your child is in FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 then they are entitled to a free school meal as part of the universal free school meal (UIFSM) funding and you do not need to pay for school meals on MCAS. 

MCAS Restrictions
The MCAS app is currently restricted to Attendance, Dinners and Outstanding Payments.

Other features may appear on your MCAS account but there will be no information displayed. Messaging has been turned off as we will continue to use Class Dojo for liaising between class teachers and parents and carers for the time being. We will notify parents and carers as we start to introduce other features in the future.