At Buckingham Primary Academy we are proud to offer parents and carers the freedom to purchase school uniform from a provider of choice.

School uniform featuring the school logo is not mandatory but wearing the school colours is. For more information regarding the school uniform policy including the 'do's and dont's' please see the School Uniform Policy below.

For those parents who would like to purchase school uniform featuring the school logo please click here

Please Note: New pupils who start school for the first time in FS2 and those in other age groups, who start part way through their school career, will receive a free BPA logo book bag. Pupils are encouraged to use their book bag to ensure they do not lose their reading books and other important documents. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of writing your child's name on all items of clothing, shoes, trainers, bags, coats, lunch boxes water bottles etc. This will help avoid unnecessary upset and help staff and pupils to locate missing items. The school and staff cannot be held responsible for misplaced or lost items. 

If you have any questions regarding the School Uniform Policy please submit your query via the Contact Us form. 


School Uniform Policy


At Buckingham Primary Academy we place high emphasis on our school uniform. It shows everyone that children are PROUD to be part of the school community and the high expectations that we have for all children. Wearing a school uniform ensures pupils are not in competition to wear the best brands or at risk of damaging their personal clothing and helps to create good habits to prepare all children for when they move onto secondary school and beyond.


All pupils must wear;

  • Navy blue fleece, sweatshirts, cardigans or jumpers with or without the Academy  logo
  • White or pale blue polo shirt
  • Grey, navy or black trousers/skirt
  • Black footwear- no logos or other colours


Our School Uniform Policy extends to Physical Education Lessons and all pupils must wear;

  • Plain white t-shirt or t-shirt with the Academy logo
  • Plain Navy blue or black shorts or joggers
  • Appropriate trainers suitable for indoor and outdoor use


To purchase school uniform featuring the school logo; Please click here. 


School uniform does not include leggings, children wearing false nails, nail varnish or jewellery. Stud earrings are allowed, however, these should be removed or covered during PE lessons for safety.


We would like to make all parents/ carers aware that according to hair dye manufacturers and the industry’s professional body that these types of products are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16, therefore we would not expect pupils to arrive at school with their hair dyed.


Where available, pupils will be temporarily provided with appropriate footwear  if they fail to arrive at school in black shoes and a spare P.E kit may also be available if pupils occasionally forget to bring theirs in.


Thank you for helping to maintain the highest standard of education for your child by encouraging and supporting compliance with our school uniform policy.