3 February 2021

Humberside Police have made us aware of a recent cyber safety concern and COVID-19 vaccine scam. 


Cyber Safety Concern

Humberside Police have been made aware of a website called omegle.com which is easy to access and alarmingly the opening page features 'talk to strangers'. 

The police have reviewed a recent incident whereby a child was exposed to explicit images. 

The site works with just texts or video and is pretty much anonymous, no profiles are required so tracing isn't easy. 

Humberside Police have asked that we notify our parents & carers about the website and ask that you safeguard your children from using it. 

If you are able to so, we recommend that you block this website from any device that your child has access to.


COVID-19 Vaccine Scam 

Please click on the document below to view information regarding a recent COVID-19 vaccine scam.

The scammers will target anyone, but Humberside Police are particularly concerned for the vulnerable and elderly members of our community. 

Please be vigilant and share this information with your family and friends.  

COVID-19 Vaccine Scam